1st European Conference on Biomedical and Veterinary Engineering

"Biomedical Engineering in the service of human and animal"


Biology + medicine + veterinary + mechanics


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
With pleasure on behalf of the Croatian Society for Orthopaedic Engineering ORTHOING we announce the 1st European Congress on Biomedical and Veterinary Engineering - BIOMEDVETMECH which will be held on 20, 21 and 22 October 2022.
The theme of the Congress is "Biomedical Engineering in the service of humankind and animals". The Congress is multidisciplinary and will address a wide range of scientific subjects in the fields of biomedical and veterinary engineering. Medical and veterinary technology development, instruments and devices, the application of innovative treatment methods, technologically advanced and focused health care, knowledge transfer and the future of biomedical engineering, product development and innovation, clinical research vs. entrepreneurship and funding sources, and state-of-the-art research in biomedical engineering and veterinary technology are among the topics covered. The novelty of this Congress compared to the existing ones in advanced program which will include workshops and trainings aimed at developing skills and competencies of conference participants; an industrial corner to connect industry workers and scientists to fund and develop new products and services for human and animal welfare; special sessions for students and young professionals with major leaders in biomedical engineering; and group work of specialized experts and exhibitions of suppliers and manufacturers.
The Congress will take place in Croatia's picturesque city of Zagreb. Zagreb, Croatia's capital, is situated at the geographical, cultural, historical, and political crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, combining the continental and Mediterranean energy into a unique whole. Zagreb has a vibrant and diverse cultural and creative life. Zagreb is a city of art with thirty permanent and occasional theatres and theatre stages, over thirty museums, several galleries, and various theatres, music and dance festivals. Because of its history and geography, Zagreb boasts a diverse gastronomic offer, which includes a blend of different cuisines. After all, Zagreb is a safe metropolis that always provides an open door and a hand of friendship for all who visit it and who love its citizens.
Once again, on behalf of the entire organizing board, we welcome you to the 1st European Congress on Biomedical and Veterinary Engineering - BIOMEDVETMECH with the hope and conviction that this conference will become a base for transferring and acquiring new knowledge, acquiring new skills and competencies, meeting experts from around the world and gaining new colleagues and friends.
Sincerely yours,
Petra Bonačić Bartolin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of BIOMEDVETMECH (University of Zagreb)
Prof Michael Sutcliffe, PhD, Scientific Program Chair (University of Cambridge)
Prof Matthew J Allen, PhD, Veterinary Medicine Program Chair (University of Cambridge)
Prof Ratko Magajrević, PhD, Engineering Program Chair (University of Zagreb, FER)
Prof Bojan Jerbić. PhD, Medical Robotics Chair (University of Zagreb, FSB)
Prof Toma Udiljak, PhD, Surgical Engineering Chair (University of Zagreb, FSB)
Prof Vida Demarin, PhD, Neuroplasticity Program Chair (HAZU - HASA)
Lana Popovic - Maneski, PhD, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chair (SANU - SASA)

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1st European Conference on Biomedical and Veterinary Engineering

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    Multidisciplinary field

    Biomedical and veterinary engineering is an area that forms a bridge between engineering, veterinary and human medicine.

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    Science and industry collaborations

    Congress offers an opportunity for synergies between scientists and Industry representatives.

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    Knowledge transfer

    The transfer and expansion of knowledge is one of the main goals of the BIOMEDVETMECH Congress.


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